Consolidated Primary Endorsements – 2013

“All politics are local.” – Tip O’Neill, 1982

We have an election coming up in a week.  Many of my friends and neighbors in the 4th precinct are not sure who to vote for so I wanted to put together a small voter guide for the people that I am supporting in the Consolidated Primary to be held on February 26th, 2013.

As many of you know – I am a reformer.  I am an articulate conservative who believes in the core values of fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free market principles.  These are the things that made America great.  These are the principles that are so definitively dictated in our constitution.  The candidates listed below will do just that for us here locally.

The is how we begin to rebuild the Republican Party in the belly of the beast, or in the lion’s den.  I have attached a PDF you can download here to print out and share with your friends and neighbors.  Lets turn out the vote.

My 2013 Consolidated Primary Sample Ballot

My 2013 Consolidated Primary Sample Ballot

Chuck Lutzow is running to be your Township Clerk.  Chuck owns a small business in Crystal Lake and has lived in the local area for over 20 years.  He is an active committeeman in the local party.  He does not want to raise taxes or government wages, however his opponent voted to raise her salary and the tax levy.  We simply can’t afford NOT to have Chuck representing us.

Russ Cardelli was appointed to be a trustee last year and is now running for election, not re-election. He has raised his family here in Algonquin.  He has made a name for himself asking good, difficult questions at township board meetings.  I want you all to know Russ was the only trustee who voted NO to the elected official salary hike. We need to send him back to the township as a trustee so he can continue to work to bring down the cost of government, not raise it.

Larry Emery is a retired business analyst who lives in Crystal Lake. He is an active precinct committeeman who worked several campaigns as well as an election judge.  He is running to be one of our four trustees in the township.  Larry has already attended several township board meetings and even has pointed out mistakes to the sitting board members.  His excellent “attention to detail” is desperately needed.

Melissa Sanchez of Lake in the Hills is another active precinct committeeman running for trustee.  Even as she finishes up her double major in Political Science and Legal Studies, she has still found the time to work locally with the local party.  Like Larry, she has vowed to follow Russ’ lead and vote NO to raise salaries.  Melissa will be a great addition to the board and serve us all well.

I know many of you are disgruntled, angry, and somewhat detached from politics after November; especially nationally.  However, all politics start locally.  Let’s work to build a stronger, more vibrant local Republican party that increases its influence.  Early voting is going on now so please vote today at the township hall!