The “Language” of 377

Here is an open question of fairness: was it fair last year for property values to go down and yet, our property taxes went up?

Another question:  are we really helping the poor by raising the property tax on their home?

I submit that the answer to both questions is no. It is neither fair nor does 377 help the poor who are struggling right now just to make ends meet.  Take a look at this article from the Algonquin-Lake in the Hills Patch.

Here is a graphic that explains just how bad it really is in McHenry county:

How fair would adding additional property tax to these families?

How fair would adding additional property tax to these families?

These are just current foreclosures mind you.  These do not include the homes that are “distressed” or otherwise behind.  Is it fair that good, hard working people cannot find meaningful work?  I don’t.  This tax would make these numbers increase.  And here is the important point that so many people fail to see.

STOP 377As people lose their homes we lose their taxes.  We lose their revenue.  I would submit the the City of McHenry is not happy about missing the property taxes of 101 homes.  How do we make up for that shortfall in the budget?  Do we raise taxes even more to make up for the 101 who didn’t pay?  If we raise taxes does it increase the foreclosure rate?  What happens to those homes that are in “distress”?

You end up paying more on your property taxes – but even worse – the poor end up paying more and that is not fair.  This tax hurts the poor the most.

Many people came up to me in January and February complaining about their property taxes.  I simply said it was your local government that is causing this and you need to get involved.  It just isn’t your village or township, but all the taxing bodies that the state of Illinois has…

… but that is for another 377 article.