Bruce Kaplan will make a Great Mayor in Cary

KaplanBruce Kaplan will make an excellent mayor in Cary Illinois.  Bruce has lived in Cary for over 30 years.  He is a businessman who understand what it means to have a relationship between the business community and the government.  Isn’t this exactly what we want in our local elected officials?  Here are some of the reasons I am supporting Bruce:

  • Bruce is not a career politician.  He will serve as mayor for one term and will not run again
  • Bruce brings businesses into Cary and the community – he has done so for over 30 years
  • He has proven himself as a responsible member of the board of trustees for Cary

Through his votes as a trustee in Cary we can count on Bruce to continue to strive for a better local government that communicates effectively while trying to shrink its footprint.  The same cannot be said for his opponent.

A review of the record shows Bruce voted to open free parking on Saturdays at the train station.  His opponent voted to establish parking fees on Saturday.

A review of the record shows Bruce is committed to limiting the power of the local government.  His opponent voted to expand the list of improvements that require permits… and then raise the fees on existing permits.

Cary Mayor

The strongest reason I support Bruce is his stance on individual liberty and our own personal property rights.    All over neighborhoods around Illinois, local municipalities are slowly taking away more and more of your rights as a home owner.  Bruce is fierce when it comes to your rights as a home owner and we can count on him in the future to ensure we retain these rights.

We all need to do our own due diligence on the candidates we plan to support in the upcoming election on April 9th.  I encourage all of you to visit Bruce Kaplan’s website and read what he has to say.  And then I hope you verify it all and show up to vote.

All of us have busy lives and we all have so much to do.  However, it is our civic duty to participate in this thing we call a representative republic.  I hope you will join me in voting April 9th.