Northwest Herald is against 377 Board

The Northwest Herald has come out against the proposition to raise the taxes on McHenry County citizens. This is wonderful news.  I first learned of this from Cal Skinner’s McHenry County Blog.  The “no vote” endorsement walks a tight rope that so many of us are facing right now.  We cannot afford to pay more of what we earn to the tax man, yet, we understand our friends and neighbors hurt.

That is what is wrong in politics today.

You can be a good person, a giving person, and respectfully vote no like I will on April 9th.  This tax does more to hurt the citizens of McHenry County than it will help.  The poor will become poorer and the middle class will take the brunt of this proposition should it pass.  This is so… fair.

STOP 377Moreover, we have proven that boards in McHenry County need more scrutiny and oversight.  The 708 Mental Health Board is frankly, a mess.  The County Board is having to replace the leadership and membership of the board for bad stewardship.  This is just bad policy in my opinion.  Why create an entire new bureaucracy to fix a broken bureaucracy?

…but Andrew, this is for the disabled!  Then we work with our state legislators to amend the 708 board.  We have dynamic state representatives on both sides of the isle who know how to work Springfield.  We have state senators who know how to quickly bring attention to problems such as the language of the 708 board.

Fixing the language inside the legislation that establishes the 708 board is the way to correct this deficiency. Not sticking the poor and middle class with a tax they cannot afford.

You fix the problem, not add more regulation and taxation.  Smaller more limited government works every time its tried… although that doesn’t happen in Illinois much.