‘Tax Cutters’ Not Giving Up

Despite a 2-to-1 victory at the polls April 9th, opponents of a property tax that would have help funded a redundant taxing board in McHenry aren’t calling it quits. If the referendum had passed, it would have created a “377 board” which … Continue reading

Lame Duck MCC Board Meeting Wednesday at 6:30

Andrew’s note:  The meeting is Thursday Night.  I originally said it was Wednesday night – however, I was incorrect.  I cannot change the name of the title because of people linking to it.  My apologies to everyone. The McHenry County College Board … Continue reading

Grassroots Activism Against the 377 Proposition

Today with the help of Citizens of McHenry County Against Higher Property Taxes, we were able to engage and encourage taxpayers to vote NO on the proposition on tomorrow’s election ballot.  The campaign will begin at 2PM central standard time … Continue reading