Fox River Grove Endorsements

Friends and Neighbors,

It is the last election, the 2013 general, and there are so many issues and people running for office.  These are the people I will be voting for – I hope you will as well.  One question I get is, “It says I can ‘Vote for not more than THREE’, can I vote for just one?”  The answer is yes you can vote for as few or as many people as you like, just do not vote for more than the ballot stipulates.  For our township government, everyone is unopposed.  I will be voting for all of the candidates from supervisor to trustee: Diane, Chuck, Bob, Bob, Dan, Larry, Russell, and Melissa.

FRG TrusteesPersonally I will be voting for Tom Anderson, Andrew Migdal, and Chester Olencheck for Village Trustee.  All of them did well in the meet the candidate night.  Tom, Andrew, and Chester will all bring fresh ideas to our village.  They all realize downtown development is important to our village – and so are tax and water rates.  Fox River Grove will improve when we have more diversity on our village board.  A firefighter, a businessman, District 3and a post office worker.

For Fox River Grove School Board I will be voting for Mike Olencheck.  His statements in the papers as well as the few times I have spoken to him have me confident that not only does he want to improve the education here in Fox River Grove, but that he wants to make sure our property tax dollars are being spent judiciously.

We have three excellent candidates for McHenry MCC BoardCounty College Board: Erik Sivertsen, Tom Wilbeck, and Chris Jenner.  I like these candidates because they are all OPPOSED TO MCC ISSUING BONDS WITHOUT VOTER APPROVAL! You see, the current board wants to raise your taxes without you even having a say.  I feel this is wrong… especially for an estimated $45 million dollar expenditure.  This would raise your property taxes enormously.

There is a proposition on the ballot that I simply cannot support.  The proposition would create yet another taxing body in our county.  The body 377 Sample Ballotwill begin taxing your home at $31 per for every $100,000 on the value of your home.  In this economy, we simply cannot afford this.  Many people asked me how to lower their taxes – vote.  Voting no on this proposition does not make you a bad person.  We all want to help those who need it.  We have record foreclosures – 24 in the last two years and five in February of 2013.  Voting for this proposition will not only bury these families further, but will cause more economic hardship for those who are struggling to get by.  I will respectfully “VOTE NO” to this proposition.

In closing, I want to thank you for taking the time to read my letter.  I have picked candidates and sided on issues that fight to keep governmental spending to a minimum while we work through this economy.  We cannot afford more tax increases in Fox River Grove and McHenry County.  My website has a complete breakdown of the proposition I am recommending we all vote no on.  I hope you search the web and validate not only what I have presented, but also find information on other important races.

Be Blessed,

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