Lame Duck MCC Board Meeting Wednesday at 6:30

Andrew’s note:  The meeting is Thursday Night.  I originally said it was Wednesday night – however, I was incorrect.  I cannot change the name of the title because of people linking to it.  My apologies to everyone.

The McHenry County College Board will be holding a lame duck session to approve a contract extension for current the current president, Mrs. Vicky Smith.  Her current contract pays her $195,000 a year.

We elected some new members to the MCC Board on April 9th, 2013.  They are Ms. Molly Walsh, Mr. Tom Wilbeck, and Mr. Chris Jenner.  Wilbeck and Jenner have both voiced that they would like to be seated on the board before enormous decisions like this are made.  The new trustees will be working for the next two years overseeing the MCC budget.  They may want to keep Mrs. Smith or they may want to move in a different direction.  Either way, it makes no sense to anyone on the inside or on the outside as to why we have to rush this decision.  It almost feels like we have to “bass the bill before we know what is in it”.

Trying to push through a contract extension is cronyism at its finest and a slap in the face to everyone who participated in the April 9th elections.  We elected Walsh, Wilbeck, and Jenner to make these kind of decisions.  We did not want our outgoing board to saddle the new board with something they may not want.  Sadly, this is where our body politic is today… however, there is something you can do.

You can attend the lame duck session of the MCC board this Thursday night.  The meeting begins at 6:30PM sharp.  As reported in the Woodstock Advocate, the room was filled with MCC employees:

I arrived early, expecting the Board room to the crowded. What I didn’t expect was that it was jam- packed with MCC employees. At about 5:40PM I stepped into the hallway to greet a friend, who was looking for a seat and not finding one. As Dr. Vicky Smith passed, I asked her if she would ask all the employees to step out and allow “the public” to be seated in the Board room.

She [Mrs. Smith] responded quickly (and correctly) and asked one of her assistants to direct employees to leave and move to an overflow area that had already been set up. Why did all those employees arrive so early? I’d love for one to contact me and tell me whether there had been any “suggestion” or encouragement to arrive early. I also wonder why none voluntarily left his or her seat to allow a member of the public to be seated.

I am not saying Mrs. Smith is a bad person.  I am not saying Mrs. Smith is a poor MCC President.  What I am saying is that unless we show up Wednesday night and express that we want the new board to make this decision, we may being tying the hands of the new board you and I elected.

I should also note the Cal Skinner’s McHenry County Blog has a lot of information on this story.

And again… the meeting is Thursday Night!