‘Tax Cutters’ Not Giving Up

STOP 377Despite a 2-to-1 victory at the polls April 9th, opponents of a property tax that would have help funded a redundant taxing board in McHenry aren’t calling it quits.

If the referendum had passed, it would have created a “377 board” which would have raised property taxes on the poor and middle class in McHenry County, the 29th most expensive county in the country.

“Obviously, the plight of the poor and middle class have not abated at all, so we are not going to give up,” said Andrew Gasser, a precinct committeeman in Fox River Grove.  “We have planted some seeds and began the process to show voters you do not have to be guilt-tripped into giving away your hard earned money to some government program that isn’t run correctly in the first place.”

The campaign against the tax increase started in late March by a few precinct committeemen and some concerned citizens – primarily by word of mouth and through social media.

What the angry taxpayers need to do before the next election is ditch the voter apathy, register new voters young and old, and build a better organization to get the word out that isn’t dependent on money.

“People think we spent 10s of thousands of dollars fighting this tax increase – we didn’t,” Gasser said.

In particular, people think you need thousands of dollars to fight a referendum like this.  You do not have to hold $1,000 fundraisers wining and dining local politicians who won’t publicly take a stand anyways.

McHenry County is the 29th worst county in America to live when it comes to taxes.  Why on earth are people wanting to raise them higher?

McHenry County is the 29th worst county in America to live when it comes to taxes. Why on earth are people wanting to raise them higher?

“In general, the type of feedback I am hearing after knocking over 4,000 doors since last August, is that the voter doesn’t think our elected local officials are representing them.  We are the 29th most expensive county in the nation and they want to create more taxing bodies,” he said.  “We have to communicate that higher taxes help no one and that government has to live within its means, just like every other family in McHenry County.”

“I’m a taxpayer, too, and I know government spending is out of control.  So a modest spending cut to all government agencies by .1 percent of their budgets would generate jobs, create new businesses, and make our county a better place to live.”

Critics of the tax cutters have questioned their motives calling them “mean spirited” and “heartless”.  The county already has a 708 board which has had five members replaced in the last year, hasn’t posted a full 2012 budget, lacks transparency, and pays out over $1.5 million a year in salaries and insurance.

This is my attempt at letting people know we are not going away.  Here is the Northwest Herald article on the defeat of the referendum.