Salgado Remains – Ferguson to 708 Board

Board Member Sandy Salgado
Image Courtesy of McHenry County Blog

Last night the McHenry County Board Committee of the Whole was to take up the removal and replacement of Sandy Salgado (McHenry) from Public Health & Human Services (PH&HS) and replace her with Bob Martens (Spring Grove).  As has been publicly covered by the Northwest Herald, there were some concerns about a possible “conflict of interest”.

Chairwoman Tina Hill (Woodstock) decided against that move and had the nomination removed.  It was the right decision.  Salgado has done an admirable job on PH&HS and there was no evidence to suggest she should be removed.  After researching 100s of votes by Salgado on the McHenry County Board, I personally could not find one instance of anything wrong or even the appearance there of.

Everyone knows that there are a lot of problems at the 708 Board.  While some people are just beginning to see some of these issues, some have seen some of the irregularities for awhile.  Right or wrong, Cathy Ferguson (Crystal Lake) has a lot on her plate and will always be “that candidate” that is going to be expected to shed light on the McHenry Mental Health Board (MHB).  She is going to have to drink through a fire hose.

mc-mental-healthShe has a lot of work to do and a high hurdle to overcome.  However, after listening to county board members talk about her character and qualities, this is a challenge she should be able to overcome.  Some of the issues she will need to quickly verse herself in are:

    • Particulars of the upcoming financial audit of the 708 Board
    • Ability and capability to have the 708 Board review all expenditures
    • Ways to reduce administration costs at the 708 Board
    • Transparency