In Her Own Words – Donna Kurtz

mc-mental-healthThere has been a lot of information floating around about the McHenry County Mental Health Board (MHB) and some of it critics. ¬†Often times, they get painted in a light that is less than favorable. ¬†Criticism is is part of the job description as a member of the county board… it just comes with the territory.

Above is Donna Kurtz’s (Crystal Lake) comments before the McHenry County Board from last week. They are unedited and cannot be taken out of context. I challenge everyone to listen to the comments of everyone who has come before the county board and make your own determination on who is really fighting for those who want good government and those who wants to maintain the status quo.

I think it is self evident.

  • 4Truth

    Ms. Kurtz is intelligent and certainly well informed. She is, committed to those that elected her and committed to the truth. Clearly, she has been right on the mark with her criticism of the Mental Health Board. I truly question the county board members who literally are putting all their political capital on the line to thwart the efforts of Ms. Kurtz. Are they ignorant? Are they arrogant? Are they part of the problems and fear exposure? Whatever their problem, they are no match for accurate information and steadfast commitment to the citizens of this county that are the hallmark of her remarks.