Wonderful Parade Weather

Compared to last year – the weather for parades has been absolutely wonderful.  I had the chance to participate in two parades this year.  The Barrington Parade was an absolute blast.  In the Barrington Parade I had the distinct privilege of walking with State Representative David McSweeney.

Article 3 - Larry Emery

Team McSweeney in the Barrington Parade.
Credit: Larry Emery

Dave is doing a magnificent job for us downstate tackling the tough issues a lot of people would rather not talk about.  Issues like pension reform, spending, and taxation.  Coming back home so many people think that this is just how it is… but I assure you as someone who grew up in Illinois, joined the military and traveled around the United States, and then returned home, taxation in Illinois is NOT NORMAL.

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Local activist Chris Yaeger, Algonquin Township Trustee Larry Emery, and Republican Precinct Committeeman Andrew Gasser.

Article 2

I finally got to meet Nick Sauer. What an awesome leader. He is doing the tough business in Lake County and providing invaluable leadership.


Margaret Thatcher Sauer