McHenry High School Drum Line – Awesome

il-ilmchenrycommhighschool-letter-150Every year I march in the Fiesta Days Parade in McHenry – this year I was with Bill Prim who is running to be your next sheriff.  However, my favorite part of the parade is when the McHenry County Drum Line fires up before we actually step.

Last year, when I saw the drum line for the first time, I was just blown away.  In fact I was so moved I wrote about it and joined the McHenry High School Music Facebook Page.

Often in society we over use the word epic – not so much in this case.  So I will just say this performance is dripping with awesome sauce.  I will have more from the parade later but please – watch these kids do their thing.  I truly cannot say how much I enjoy this.

I am already looking forward to next year… Now its a tradition!