McHenry High School Has Event for Parents

il-ilmchenrycommhighschool-letter-150A year ago I watched the McHenry High School Drumline preform at the 2012 Fiesta Days parade and in 2013 I was fortunate to record them.  I received an email from Vicki Moravec, the Vice-President of TEMPO (To Enhance Music and Performing Arts Opportunities), inviting me to attend their first show of the season entitled “One Hit Wonders”.

If I could only use one word to describe the performance it would be:  PHENOMENAL.


Director of Bands Brian Weidner instructs the parents on drill maneuvers.

As a retired military officer I really enjoyed the drill.  Watching Mr. Brian Weidner, Director of Bands, bark out facing movements was just incredible.  If I am honest with everyone here I was going through the movements in my mind.  Drill was one of my most favorite memories in the military and I was blessed to carry the “Guide On” in my OTS graduation in 2001.

…but what was more inspirational was the integrity displayed by the band members themselves.  The quicker Weidner barked commands the less time students had to process and perform the maneuver.  If they failed, the would simply self eliminate and walk to the back until there were only two standing.  To watch our future generation display this kind of integrity was so refreshing.  I watched one girl eliminate herself and then scream – the competition was awesome… but the integrity was special.


In this picture the “Integrity Drill” is ongoing. There were well over 400 people in attendance.

They then preformed a series of “One Hit Wonders” from the 80s.  It was incredible.  The rendidtion of Funky Town was, in my opinion, the best song of the night.  All were great but that song just stuck in my mind for some reason.

Programs like TEMPO make such a huge difference in our children’s and young adults lives.  We need to “push them” on our children.  McHenry High has a couple of Facebook pages:

McHenry High School Music Facebook Page
McHenry High School TEMPO Facebook Page


You can see all of the photos I took on my Facebook Page.

The arts sure beat the heck out of WoW.