Reaching Out To New Voters – We Must

Many people may not realize it but today is National Voter Registration Day.  Before my algebra class I worked with Molly Walsh and Ms. Heidi at the League of Women Voters registration table at McHenry County College.  What an amazing experience.


Heidi and Molly registering two new voters at McHenry County College.

If we are to grow the party and actually build something meaningful for the next generation it simply is not enough to say, “We have to reach out”.  You actually have to do something… and I am.  I think this next generation is incredibly concerned about fiscal issues.  They really do get it.


Molly and Andrew filling out voter registration cards.

There were points where all three of us were filling out registration cards for new voters.  It was a really great event in that you had a chance to interact with new voters.  Some of the new voters were a bit leery of registering to vote because, “I’m too busy… drinking my Dr. Pepper.”

No really, this happened.

027Where I was pleasantly surprised was with how many of our young college students were already registered.  Many happily responded with how they were already registered to vote and spoke of how they had already participated in elections.


This is our future.  More conservative Republicans should be attending places where our youth congregate and engage them.  They are smart.  They understand issues.  They are “witty”… and most love their county.

We need to impress upon our children that civics is important.  We need informed people voting on the issues.  It is up to us to make sure they are informed.  Participating in events like this is a start.