On the Ballot


I just wanted to thank each and every one of the 770 people who signed my petition to get on the ballot to be one of your McHenry County Board Members in District 1.  I am so incredibly humbled and feel so fortunate to have it all wrapped up before November.

Thank you.

While knocking on over 1,000 doors in the district, the opportunity was there for me to listen to you the voter.  Your opinions, ideas, thoughts, and solutions to local and federal problems was amazing.  The issues discussed were many but  I wanted to share two issues that came up.

Seems so relevant in today's American society.

Seems so relevant in today’s American society.

The first issue that I was pleased to hear about, a lot, was the problems with the growth of local governments.  Whether it be the local Mental Health Board or the school district, our government is growing at a reckless pace.   People are moving out of Algonquin and Fox River Grove, not because they cannot pay their mortgages, but because they cannot pay their property taxes.

This is shameful when our local leaders cannot recognize and correct this problem.  Now is not the time time to be raising taxes at any level.  Period.  The citizenry of Algonquin, Cary, and Fox River Grove are simply taxed enough already.  I will continue to be a local (and very vocal) critic of this.  I know this puts the bulls eye on me but that is ok – I welcome it.

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However, there is another tax that is coming.  Obamacare.  I can report to you that over 50 percent of you are incredibly motivated by the issue and almost all of you want it delayed, if not entirely repealed.  More than three million Americans have now lost their health insurance.

With Obamacare your personal cost for health insurance will be going up.  Perhaps thousands of dollars per year.  This is why we need local politicians to promise to not just hold the line on spending – but actually cut it.

Government is living beyond its means.