59 and a Wake Up


They were not home but they did get a door hanger and a note!

The more I get out and meet with our neighbors the more reality sets in that our system of local government is failing the people its supposed to serve.  I am committed to getting out the message that our property taxes are too high. Today while walking precincts in the snow the message was the same:

“Andy – how can my taxes be going up when our property value keeps on decreasing?”

I cannot express to you in words how sobering it is to have good people tell you just how tough it is to maintain their homes in this economy.

The answer infuriates people when you explain how local politics, not national politics, effects their property taxes.  So many of our friends and neighbors do not vote in primaries or off year elections.  We need to turn the tide and explain why voting in primaries is so crucial.

Moreover, we have to be honest and tell people we have a civic duty to be that “government watchdog” that keeps our politicians honest.  We all have excuses but ultimately, we get what we put into it, we get what we vote for.


My old combat boots were not frozen but certainly chilly marching through the ice and snow.

I encourage all of you to not only inform yourselves about the race for county board, sheriff, clerk, and treasurer; but also inform your friends and your neighbors.  Be the one person everyone knows and comes to for what is going on locally.

We have a chance here in McHenry County to really turn the page and elect some new people into office.  We can elect new people who are not of the political class who will represent the people and not themselves.  If I am elected I will never forget who I am working for – you.

With that in mind that is why I walked in the snow today well into the early evening…  And I will walk again tomorrow.