58 and a Wake Up – Walking in a Blizzard

Andrew in a Blizzard

It was snowing heavily.

I plan to walk every day no matter what the weather is like.  Today was no exception.  It seemed as though as soon as I stepped outside it began to snow… heavily.  The driving snow did not change the message to our friends and neighbors:

How can taxes be going up when our property values are decreasing?

Its a message that resonates with voters and non-voters, Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals.  Today a woman came to her door and told me she was a Democrat but was kind enough to listen to what I had to say.  She was just as upset as I was about the level of taxation she was paying.

When all of us, regardless of political persuasion, are working harder and getting less for our dollar our local level of governments should reduce their size and scope of services.  Jobs are incredibly tough to come by and so many of our friends and neighbors are struggling to make ends meet.

Think about all the local units of government that can raise their levies.  Often times, I am finding that the levies are growing faster than they paychecks of the citizenry.  I live Algonquin Township, Precinct 4 in Fox River Grove.  Look at all the taxing bodies that contribute to the tax bill:

  1. McHenry County

    Frozen Boots

    My boots actually froze up. Good times walking in a blizzard.

  2. McHenry County Pension
  3. McHenry County Conservation District
  4. College District 528 (MCC)
  5. College District 528 (MCC) Pension
  6. School District 3
  7. School District 3 Pension
  8. School District 155
  9. School District 155 Pension
  10. Fox River Grove Fire Protection District
  11. Fox River Grove Library
  12. Fox River Grove Library Pension
  13. Algonquin Township
  14. Algonquin Township Road and Bridge
  15. Algonquin Township Road and Bridge Pension
  16. Fox River Grove Village
  17. Fox River Grove Village Pension

While beautiful, walking through the white stuff was no fun.

We simply cannot have taxing bodies raising the levy or keeping the budget “flat”.  Its time to have local governments doing what you and I have to deal with every day – doing more with less.  Knocking on all of these doors is a humbling experience.  It really helps me personally to understand just how destructive and disruptive of a state we live in.

I do not say this just because it resonates with friends and neighbors but because its a fact.  McHenry County is the 29th most expensive county to live in… not in Illinois but THE UNITED STATES.  This is simply unacceptable to me.

If you are sick and tired of having your property devalued while your property taxes increase, I hope you will vote for me, Andrew Gasser, on Tuesday March 18th, 2014.