55 and a Wake Up – Foreclosure

008It was another great day walking and talking about my message to voters of County Board District 1.  One of the first people I talked to today was David who was snow blowing his neighbor’s drive.  Great guy.  He was shocked to see someone walking in the weather.  Why are our property values going down?  The answer is quite simple:


The “collar counties”, the counties that surround Cook County, lead Illinois in foreclosures.  McHenry is fourth in the state of Illinois.  Foreclosures are a major driver of home value.  When people cannot pay their mortgages and taxes not only do we loose a home owner, but a taxpayer as well.  We all have to pick up the slack.

009This is why we need to reduce the taxation footprint.  Our friends and neighbors simply cannot cover for all the lost revenue.  This is not new.  This has been something that has been covered on my website – and others – many times.

Its not right to lower the value of your property and then raise taxes.  It just isn’t.