54 and a Wake Up – Bridge Building

001Today the second house I visited wasn’t on any list or pointed out to me as a neighbor I should visit.  I simply knocked on the door because the American flag was waving in the frigid air.  The gentleman was nice enough and as I started my stump speech he smiled and said, “well I am a Democrat but keep going”…

…so I did.

I went on talking about the foreclosure problem that we have here in McHenry, and all the collar counties, and I talked about a neighbor of mine who moved; not because she couldn’t afford her mortgage (it had been paid off for over two decades) but because she simply could no longer afford the taxes on her home.

I talked briefly about the other candidates I was supporting and explained how the precinct he lived in was in was empty and did not have a committeeman.  I explained how, right now, our Republican Party is completely fractured and broken.  And I explained how we needed a fresh start in so many county wide offices.  He nodded in agreement, smiled, and shut the door.

I went along my way and two streets over I observed (I observe everything) a vehicle pulling in with a gentleman watching me.  When I finished talking to a very fired up Andrew Gasser supporter he rolled up next to me after I got into my truck.  He rolled down his window and shook my hand.  He thanked me for my service.

What causes a person, especially on the other side of the aisle, to do this?

I firmly believe that people are sick and tired of the good old boy network that has been running the show for decades.  I think that we need to build bridges with those who want real reform and real, open and honest government.  Don’t laugh, many want this but feel powerless to do anything.  Now the word is starting to get out that there are real reformers on the ticket.

009I am truly humbled by this man’s actions.  He has my card.  I hope he calls.

I had to call a “knock it off” (google it) early tonight.  The skin on my face just couldn’t take the blistering cold windchill.  But tomorrow is another day and there are always plenty of doors to knock on.

And a special thank you to Bella for all the advice on how to treat a severely sprained ankle.