Chief Lukasik Warns FRG on Storms

Fox River Grove Chief of Police Ronald Lukasik

Fox River Grove Chief of Police Ronald Lukasik

As reported in Cal Skinner’s McHenry County Blog – Chief Lukasik sent out a warning.  We all want to protect our families so I hope his information helps.  I am simply reprinting the Chief’s good words of wisdom.  We are in for an interesting night.  My family and I have smart phones and we all have different weather apps installed.  I can say that my sister in Crystal Lake and myself in Fox River Grove did not hear the sirens but our weather apps gave us warnings that we otherwise would not have heard.

Here is Cal Skinners Reporting:

Fox River Grove Police Chief Ronald Lukasik took to Facebook to tell people about the warning sirens that went off last night’s severe weather outburst. Apparently there were many citizens not only in Fox River Grove, but also Cary, Crystal Lake, and Algonquin who were inquiring why they did not hear the storm sirens.  Quoting from his post:

The tornado sirens woke me up at 2:00 A.M. like some others. After I monitored the storm, I couldn’t go back to sleep because I was thinking about our (PD) emergency response in the event of a touchdown in town for the next two hours. Every year, we have inquiries from residents about not being able to hear the sirens in their homes. The sirens are not designed to be heard inside a house or other structures, they are to alert people outdoors to take cover. In light of the predicted bad weather this afternoon I’m sharing the link below.

Lukasik then provided a link to a page which I am linking to which gives more information on being prepared for severe weather.

McHenry County Republican Vice-Chairman and Fox River Grove Precinct Committeeman Andrew Gasser said he, and his family, did not hear the sirens but were alerted to the severe weather via a weather app on their smart phones.

More severe weather is expected tonight.