Early Voting Starts Today!


I just wanted to post a note about early voting.  Many emails have come in about sample ballots and I will be posting one later tonight.  As your elected precinct committeeman and the Vice-Chair of the Republican Party of McHenry County I wanted to let you know who I will be voting for.

Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner for Governor – Quinn is a tax and spend train wreck, hell bent on destroying Illinois.  He will raise taxes again this November if he is re-elected.

Bruce is a self made business man.  We need someone in the governor’s seat who understands what it means to create private sector jobs and meet a payroll.  Career politicians like Pat Quinn do not fit the bill.  Even the late Harold Washington, Democrat, didn’t like Quinn’s style of government.

Please visit Bruce’s website.


Jim Overweis

Jim Overweis

Jim Oberweis for US Senator – I am sorry but Dick Durbin has been in Washington DC for 32 years. Think about that a minute. He has been a Washington DC insider and power broker for 32 years. He has voted for higher taxes at every opportunity. Moreover, he has been an enabler for some of the worst legislation in the history of the republic.

Jim Oberweis has created multiple successful companies and understands the stress that families and job creators are under. We need to send a man to Washington who will work to get things through the senate. There are over 300 bills waiting for an up or down vote in the US Senate. Dick Durbin is delaying needed reform. Jim will help us get those needed reforms.

Please visit Jim’s website.

Paul Schimpf

Paul Schimpf

Paul Schimpf for Illinois Attorney General – We do not need any more Madigans in Springfield. Illinois is “world famous” for political corruption. Chicago is more corrupt than Moscow. Yet, how many corrupt politicians has Lisa Madigan prosecuted?

Zero. None. Zip. Zero. Nada.

That is why we need Paul Schimpf. Paul is a retires US Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonal. Paul was the United States’ lead prosecutor and courtroom advisory in Iraq. Paul was instrumental and directly responsible for the successful prosecution and conviction of Sadaam Hussein, the world’s third worst dictator in the last 70 years. Paul will restore honor and integrity into the Attorney General’s office.

Please visit Paul’s website.

David McSweeney

David McSweeney

David McSweeney for State Representative – David is doing heroic work in Springfield. While in the super-minority David was able to have several KEY pieces of legislation passed through both chambers and signed into law. One of these bills directly impacted McHenry County and taxing bodies that ended up saving us hundreds of dollars yearly on our property tax bill. David was instrumental in stopping the Oakwood Hills Power Plant project.

We need David to continue fighting for lower taxes in Springfield and he deserves your vote.

Please visit David’s website.

Bill PrimBill Prim for McHenry County Sheriff – Make no mistake about it, we need Bill Prim as our next sheriff. Bill has run a very positive campaign and has refused to get dragged into the mudslinging. I challenge all of you to read about Bill’s storied 27 year career as a Des Plains police commander. Under his command, the department earned over 60 unit and personal citations for superior performance. We have several sheriff’s department deputies residing in and around Fox River Grove and all are supporting Bill.

I want to let everyone know that Bill Prim is the elected Republican nominee for sheriff despite what some might think… or wish.

Please visit Bill’s website.

Me - Andrew Gasser

Me – Andrew Gasser

Finally, I am asking you for your vote for McHenry County Board in District 1. I am very different from my opponent. I believe in a smaller, leaner, more responsive government that puts families first. I believe that you know what is best for your family and that you keeping more of your paychecks will make McHenry County a better place to live, start, and raise a family.

My opponent stated at the debate that “I’d like to challenge the notion that property taxes in McHenry County are too high.” Do you agree? McHenry County is the 29th most expensive county to live in… not in Illinois but THE UNITED STATES!

I am a career military man, not a career politician. I am term limiting myself to two terms. I will not take the pension nor will I accept the county’s Cadillac healthcare plan. I will always vote for transparency and work with other county board members and staff if I am so fortunate to get elected.

Thank you all so much for stopping by and please share this with your friends and neighbors in Fox River Grove, Barrington Hills, Cary, and Algonquin.

Be Blessed,