Thank You for Voting

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has supported me in this “Endevour”.  Its been a very long and twisting road filled with challenges and hurdles.  But through it all I had a great team of people who always helped me push through and do more than I ever thought possible.  I am thankful for that.


There are so many people to thank and I know I will for get some but here it goes:

  • My Mother Sandra Adams
  • My sisters Daphne and Megan
  • My sister’s husbands John and Jeff
  • Joe Walsh
  • Dan Duffy
  • David McSweeney
  • Cal Skinner
  • Everett Wilkinson
  • Denise Cattoni
  • Eileen Marhoeffer
  • Lou Anne Majewski
  • Demetri Tsilimingras
  • Chris Yaeger
  • Paul D. Serwatka
  • Lori White
  • Christina Myers

…and my son Andrew Gasser.  Andrew was my rock in the general campaign.  Thousands of walk packs, hundreds of signs, walk sheets, and door hangers.  Whatever I needed, Andrew, you were there.

Without you all, and many others, this two year journey would have never happened.  I am thankful and I remember who helped me.

Be Blessed,