Swearing In and A Promise Kept

Today at 9AM on the dot our new county clerk Mary McClellan called the new McHenry County Board Meeting to order.  12 of us were sworn in to our four year terms.  After a quick debate we took our roll call vote for county board chairman.  The two candidates were Mr. Joe Gottemoller and Jim Heisler.  I voted for Mr. Heisler.

Joe Gottemoller won the vote and finished the meeting.  I am sure Joe will do an excellent job over the next two years leading the county board.  Things he brought up were board rules as well as shrinking the size of the board.

Signing paperwork turning down the county healthcare plan.

Signing paperwork turning down the county healthcare plan.

When the meeting was adjourned I went to HR to keep a campaign promise I made to everyone – I would not take the county healthcare plan.  I will keep my word and promises to those of you who elected me to represent you in District 1.

Now the hard work begins as we look for ways to shrink the size of county government and provide mandatory services that the residents expect.  Our taxes are too high in McHenry and we need to do everything possible to shrink the footprint of government in our lives.  I will work on this daily.

Be Blessed,