McHenry County Needs a Tax Break – Not a Starbucks

I was elected to reduce the tax burden on the taxpayers of McHenry County.  It is something I am going to make a point of every chance I get.  Whether we are at a full board meeting or a committee meeting we need to always be mindful of the county taxpayer.  This was my first speech in Member’s Comments.

With all of these different units of governments whether it be townships, school districts, fire districts, or library boards “taxing to the max” it is crushing the property owners and renters in McHenry County.  The argument of saying the tax increase is just like buying a cup of coffee is hollow.  When you have 10 to 14 taxing bodies on your property tax bill and they all want one cup of coffee a month – it adds up quick.  The data comes from the non-partisan Tax Foundation.

What if I do not drink coffee?  What if I drink… tea?

Yes, McHenry County… you are Taxed Enough Already.

  • Karenena

    If people are going to use that analogy, why don’t they equate the cost with 4 Senior Meals on Wheels, or 2 days of a baby’s formula, or needed school supplies for children entering school, or 2 hot lunches for a teen of a single mom, or almost 2 gallons of gas so that mom can get to work and the list goes on. People who have fallen on hard times aren’t waltzing into Starbucks for a froo-froo cup of unneeded, over sweetened burnt bean juice to get a sugar high! How typically flippant language coming from our ‘let ’em eat cake’ politicians!
    Thank you, Andrew. I’m with you-I’ve had enough!