Why I Voted to Terminate the Contract

As reported by Kevin Craver in the Northwest Herald – this morning the Committee on Planning and Development (P&D) voted unanimously to end this contract. The contract was originally signed back in 2012. The company selected had excellent references and the … Continue reading

Veterans Assistance Commission (VAC) January Update

This past Wednesday the Veterans Assistance Commission met to talk about important issues that are impacting us around the county. This was my first meeting as the county board representative to the commission and the biggest take away I had … Continue reading

Strategic Plan for McHenry County – Prioritize Lowering Taxes

At the McHenry County Board meeting on January 6th, 2015 County Administrator Peter Austin and Deputy Administrator Scott Hartman briefed the county board on the strategic plan.  You can download the presentation here.  Below are my comments. One important factor … Continue reading