Voting “No” for a Federal Lobbyist

Last week we had a vote to ask the McHenry County Taxpayer to fund pay somewhere between $70 and $82 thousand for a federal lobbyist to represent us in Washington. ┬áIt was covered in the Northwest Herald by Kevin Craver. I have received emails and phone calls about my vote. All were supportive but I wanted you to hear my reasoning behind my vote of “No”.

The board approved the resolution and it is signed into law. Those who voted no were:

Diane Evertsen, R-Harvard
John Hammerand, R-Wonder Lake
Donna Kurtz, R-Crystal Lake
Michael Walkup, R-Crystal Lake
Charles Wheeler, R-McHenry
Andrew Gasser, R-Fox River Grove

This is not about me but about you. You asked me to shrink the size of government. You elected me to make sure your interests were served on the county board. I am keeping my promise to you.