New Jury Duty Law Could Cost McHenry County Taxpayers BIG TIME!

JurorsToday in the Northwest Herald Kevin Craver reported on Senate Bill 59 which is a debacle for for you and I.  In the Law and Justice Committee meeting this was on the agenda to discuss the possible implications.  Our county administration is very concerned about the ramifications to county’s budget… as am I.  This is an unfunded mandate from Springfield that, if not fixed, will add to your tax bill.

This is a perfect example of “The Law of Good Intentions”.  The law is doing more damage than good.

I am against this.  I wish we could afford to pay more to our jurors.  It is a civic duty that is overlooked regularly.  However, our circuit court budget is not designed to a take a $225k budget hit.  The people who will take that hit are the Taxpayers of McHenry County.

All of us are working so hard to get ahead.  We have single parents and dual income families who are struggling to get by.  Every week it seems as though another taxing body inside the county has it’s hand out asking for more.  The taxpayers need to slap the hand of government and say you have enough of our money.

One thing you all can do is simply drop a note to your state representative and state senator and asking them about this.  While I am sure they are on our side on this it never hurts to give them a gentle reminder.  For those of you outside of McHenry County, this does effect you too.  Specifically “the collar counties” take it on the chin.