We Don’t Appreciate Tax Increases

Earlier this week I posted Chairman Joe Gottemoller’s State of McHenry County address in its entirety and unedited.  It was very telling.  I was really happy, and surprised, to see the county’s finances in action.  The speech lead me to these comments which I present to you now:

I want to break down a few specific slides which flew by in the video.


2015 State of the County_Page_05

This slide shows how the county board has worked in concert with the county staff to lower the amount of debt we can carry.  The dark green portion at the bottom of the annual bar is how much debt we currently have outstanding and the light green portion of the bar is how much money would could borrow if we wanted to.  The downward trend of the light green bars is positive and very important to all of us as taxpayers.  Our debt ratio is very good and this chart shows the fiscal responsible nature of the county body of government.


2015 State of the County_Page_04

This shows the general trend for single family homes in McHenry County.  Your tax bill may have variations from this slide but the general trend is consistent throughout McHenry County.  Your county property taxes are trending downward.  This is not to say that every other “slice of the pie” you see is not getting bigger.  And frankly, this is what frustrates me so much.

While the county is working to make every penny stretch all of these other local municipalities (local governments is what I said in the video) are taxing to the max.  This is both the beauty of Illinois government (as was set up by Springfield) and also the fatal flaw.  Most citizens are so fed up with politics because they do not know who to focus on.  Every government body says “its not me, its the other guy” or “its only going to cost about the price of a cup of coffee”.  Well that all adds up.

We need to start looking at all of these “slices of the pie” and start asking them why they are raising their levies.  We need to start making it known that we do not appreciate having the 29th most expensive property taxes in the United States.