Joe Alger’s Comments and the Ethics Commission Vote

Joe Alger

Mr. Joe Alger

On February 17th, 2015 the full county board met to consider several matters to include nominations for the ethics committee. Before the vote only one citizen of McHenry County wished to address the board (Mr. Koehler and Mr. Kopsell were absent). I will also state for the record that Mr. Hammerand did attend the meeting by phone. Below is the audio of the public comments and the ethics commission vote.  I have turned down Mr. Alger’s volume. As he spoke he over modulated and caused some minor crackling.

The important thing I want to make clear is that this was the entire exchange. I wanted you, the McHenry County citizen, to understand the complete context of the comments and how things flowed throughout this specific part of the meeting.  I completely agree with Mr. Walkup’s comments on the ethics commission.

Those voting no:

  1. Diane Evertsen
  2. Andrew Gasser
  3. John Hammerand
  4. Donna Kurtz
  5. Nick Provenzano
  6. Michael Rein
  7. Michael Walkup
  8. Chuck Wheeler

The audio speaks for itself and I allow you to make your own determination about the subject matter.