Conservatism, Leadership, and David McSweeney

State Representative David McSweeney

State Representative David McSweeney

When I first considered running for office a well placed Republican told me David McSweeney was “too conservative” for Illinois.  Boy were they wrong.  The problem is we do not have enough people of principle like David in Springfield.

Today, on WGN, David took to the airwaves to talk about the problems with the state of Illinois budget.  Mainly, we do not have one.

Meanwhile, in Springfield, the Madigan machine is allowing a law to automatically give every politician at the state level a pay raise.  Only in Illinois – you cannot make this “stuff” up.  Everyone who cares about their children, their homes, and their families needs to listen to this.  It is six minutes and six seconds of your life that will infuriate you and also arm you with the truth about what is happening in Springfield.

“They should lock us in the Capital until we get a budget without a tax increase.”
– David McSweeney, Illinois State Representative

In a time when so many Republicans are selling out and “going with the flow” it is refreshing to hear people who can articulate what it really means to be a Republican.  I am proud to have David as a friend and I am proud to stand with him as he fights for lower taxes.  We need more McSweeneys in Springfield…