Township Consolidation Task Force Public Meeting August 11

The McHenry County Illinois Township Consolidation Task Force will be meeting on August 11th at 10:30AM in Conference Room A at the county administration building. They physical address is 668 Ware Rd in Woodstock. You candownload the Agenda here.  There is a lot more data in this packet including three potential maps that the task force will vote from. Whether you are for consolidation or against it you need to be aware of a few things.One possible solution.

One possible solution.

First, McHenry County Illinois is the 29th most expensive county to live in… IN THE UNITED STATES.

Second, Illinois has 6,026 government bodies that tax the citizens of Illinois.

A second possible solution.

A second possible solution.

Finally, township governments seem to be a breeding ground for nepotism.


The multiplicity of local governments also affords opportunity for nepotism. Looking at the database of the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, the main pension system for local government workers, Reuters identified nearly a dozen instances where husbands employ wives, mothers employ daughters, and fathers hire sons.

In Collinsville Township, in southwestern Illinois, the elected Highway Commissioner, Larry Trucano, employs his son James as a laborer, earning $71,000 a year, plus pension and health benefits, according to the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund database. An official at Collinsville confirmed that James was employed by his father. Four telephone calls to Larry Trucano went unanswered.

In Venice Township, Andrew Economy, the township supervisor who earns $46,300 plus pension – he also runs a local auto repair and tow service – employs his wife, Debra Economy, as administrator. She earns almost $62,000 plus pension.

Andrew Economy said his wife does the jobs of two employees who retired in 2003 and 2008, and does them efficiently.

In the Village of Rosemont, population 4,000, which services Chicago’s O’Hare Airport with hotels and a convention center, eight relatives of Mayor Bradley A. Stephens are village employees, including the police chief.

“Rosemont has never made an apology for the people they hire,” said Gary Mack, a village spokesman. “The mayor holds any employees who happen to be related to him to a much higher standard than others.”

2015-08-11 Township Consolidat Task Force - Full Agenda-3174 22

A third possible solution.

I was elected by the people of McHenry County Board District 1 one three issues.  Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government, and Transparency.  I will continue to work on those things EVERYDAY as long as I am elected.  I do not like TIF districts.  I do not like it when we “look for revenue” ie raise taxes on all of us.  I will always be looking out for you and how we can somehow, in this state, lower your taxes.  I challenge all of you to read the board packet and come to a determination of your own.

There is one more option…

The final option...

The final option… nothing.

Everyone can continue to complain about the outrageous amount of taxes we pay in McHenry County Illinois and do absolutely nothing about it.  Many people are taking enormous risks, expending ridiculous amounts of political capital, and quite frankly risking their re-election on this.  As voters I hope you all consume as much information on this as you can and let your elected officials know how you feel.