Transparency Amendment – How We Voted

I kept my promise to improve transparency on the McHenry County Board.

I kept my promise to improve transparency on the McHenry County Board.

A constituent of mine, Ms. Bobbi Baehne, asked for me to post a roll call vote and wanted to know who did and did not support this amendment.   Ms. Bobbi, I am keeping my promise to you.  You deserve to know and here you go:

One of my promises to you when I ran for office was to work to improve transparency in county government.  Last week at the McHenry County Board meeting we voted on an amendment to the McHenry County Government 2016 Action Plan.  We debated certain aspects of this non-binding plan for an hour.  I sit on the Law and Justice Committee and offered an amendment to Item IV in the Criminal Justice section (page 19).  It was a simple amendment – yet eight of my colleagues voted no.

The amendment simply added language that would ensure you, the taxpayers, would see the true cost of the unfunded mandate from Springfield with respect to jury duty fees.  While we worked so hard to cut our spending, AND OUR LEVY, it is these unfunded mandates that destroy the American Dream.  We are being crushed in McHenry County with obscene property taxes.

The roll call vote on the Transparency Amendment.

The roll call vote on the Transparency Amendment.

Those in favor of the amendment were:

  • Michele Aavang – District 6
  • Yvonne Barnes – District 1
  • Diane Evertsen – District 6
  • Andrew Gasser – District 1
  • John Hammerand – District 4
  • James “Jim” Heisler – District 2
  • Donna Kurtz – District 2
  • Mary McCann – District 6
  • Nick Provenzano – District 4
  • Michael Rein – District 5
  • Carolyn Schofield – District 2
  • Michael Skala – District 5
  • Jeffrey “Jeff” Thorsen – District 2
  • Michael “Mike” Walkup – District 2
  • Chairman Joseph “Joe” Gottemoller – District 2

Those not in favor of the amendment were:

  • Sue Draffkorn – District 4
  • Tina Hill – District 5
  • John Jung – District 5
  • Donald “Don” Kopsell – District 3
  • Robert “Bob” Martens – District 4
  • Anna May Miller – District 1
  • Robert “Bob” Nowak – District 1
  • Larry Smith – District 6

I will continue to keep my promises to McHenry County.  I will continue to champion fiscal responsibility, limited government, and transparency.  I am not taking the healthcare or the pension.  I am doing this because I believe in being apart of something bigger than just myself.  It is an honor to serve all of you.  God bless you all.