Eminent Domain and Valley Hi ALERTS

emdomainEminent Domain

Sorry environment – you need to make way for human progress tomorrow at the McHenry County Board.  The board has a resolution before it to authorize  the use of EMINENT DOMAIN to obtain land that has been placed in a land conservancy.

I have spoken with The Land Conservancy of McHenry County and they are not in support of this project.  I have so much more to say on this… and I will.  I am pro-environment and anti-eminent domain.

I will fight this.

Valley HiValley Hi

As too many taxpayers of McHenry County do not know, the county operating Nursing Home Enterprise Fund has a $40 million dollar surplus.  Tomorrow at the McHenry County Board meeting the board will be asked to raise the rates. Here is a link to the Valley Hi Resolution.

I cannot support a rate increase to the poor when we have banked $40 million.

How can we raise rates on the poor in this economy when we have $40 million in the bank?

How can we raise rates on the poor when the State of Illinois doesn’t have a budget?

I will fight this.