Why Republicans Should Vote for Allen Skillicorn

If you are a Republican in the 66th State Representative District then your vote should be for Allen Skillicorn.


There simply is no other choice.  We need reformers in Springfield who will not go along to get along or “compromise”.  We need someone who has a proven, conservative track record.  Nothing against the other candidates – but it isn’t even close.  Allen’s voting record on taxes is superior to everyone in this race.

I challenge all of you in the 66th to do your own research and when you do you will see Allen is the right choice for the 66th.

I am not attacking anyone and I will not take anyone out of context.  I will not put words into anyone’s mouth nor will I twist someone’s words against them.  I do not need to… just listen.

Carolyn Schofield tried to stop the Rauner Turn-A-Round agenda.

Here is the link to the full audio of the April 9th, 2015 County Board Meeting where we debated the Rauner Turnaround Agenda.  Below is the unedited audio of Mrs. Schofield trying to send the Rauner Turnaround Agenda to committee.

When we send something to committee it goes there to die.  McHenry County pays the 29th highest property taxes, not in Illinois, BUT THE UNITED STATES!  Kane County is 30th.

Even the Wall Street Journal praises Governor Rauner.  Allen Skillicorn has championed the Rauner Turnaround Agenda.

Do you want someone who will stand with the Rauner Turn Around Agenda or not?  Allen has always been for implementing the Rauner Turnaround Agenda and Carolyn was against it.

Allen Skillicorn does not believe politicians should take pensions

Allen Skillicorn is on the record saying that politicians should not receive pensions.

Carolyn Schofield takes the politician pension plan even when The Northwest Herald says its time to scrap the pension plan for county board members.

The McHenry County Board is under scrutiny by IMRF officials.  Board members have had to sign sworn affidavits stating they have worked 1,000 hours on county business.

Do you think politicians should get a pension?  Carolyn does, Allen does not.

Schofield is against letting the people vote on consolidation

Mrs. Schofield voted NO on allowing you, the voters, to decide if we should consolidate townships.  Illinois has over 7,000 taxing bodies.

Do you support letting voters deciding on issues like consolidation and county board chairman at large?  Carolyn is against consolidation and Allen is for smaller government.

Allen Skillicorn supports David McSweeney’s bill not to tax retirement income.

Allen Skillicorn is diametrically opposed to taxing retirement income.

David McSweeney has 64 state representatives supporting his bill NOT to tax retirement income.  In McHenry County David McSweeney and Jack Franks are fighting for you to keep your retirement income from being taxed.

Sadly, the current state representatives, Mr. Mike Tryon and Barbara Wheeler, are not sponsors of HR 0890.


Mike Tryon has endorsed Carolyn Schofield.  Barbara Wheeler has endorsed Dan Wilbrandt.

I can find no statement where Ms. Schofield (or Mr. Wilbrandt) comes out and supports David McSweeney’s resolution on the retirement tax.

I have spoken personally to Allen Skillicorn and he is completely on board with David McSweeney’s initiative to stop the retirement tax.

Do you support the retirement tax?  Allen is against taxing retirement income and Carolyn is silent.

Allen Skillicorn is against Red Light Cameras

Just watch this… the video speaks for itself.

I did several google searches and also searched Mrs. Schofield’s website and there is no statement on red light cameras.  I challenge you all to look at Allen Skillicorn’s website and you know where Allen stands on this issue.

Do you support red light cameras?  Allen is against red light cameras and Carolyn is silent.

Politicians do not “create jobs” – politicians create “burden” and debt


As an elected politician I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that we do not create jobs.  We may, depending on how we legislate and vote, create the economic environment that is conducive to job growth, but we cannot “create jobs”.

McHenry County is losing population and job growth – primarily to states who do not have the onerous regulations like Illinois and McHenry County does.  Ask yourself, “If I could leave McHenry County and Illinois, would I?”

When a politician hires her husband (true) or the Highway Commissioner hires his wife and two son-in-laws (true) or we just hire a new patrol deputy in the sheriff’s office we create a “burden” on the taxpayer. While the politician will state that the new employee pays taxes those taxes do not cover the cost of the new employee.  We politicians create debt – not jobs.

Only through sound fiscal policy and responsible budgeting can jobs be created.

Allen Skillicorn understands that the private sector jobs are where we need to grow our economy.  Allen also understands we cannot cut special deals to some business’ but not others.

Do you want to “freeze” property taxes or “cut” property taxes?


Our property taxes are ridiculous.  Freezing your property taxes are not enough when our rate of growth is somewhere between .9 and 1.7 percent.  We need to cut our government budgets and cut our levies at all levels of government – not freeze them.

Allen understands this and is for tax cuts.

Are you for freezing taxes or cutting taxes?  Carolyn is for freezing taxes and Allen is for cutting taxes.


Read what the Chicago Tribune says about Allen Skillicorn:

But in this race, our nod goes to Skillicorn, a marketing professional who is the most outspoken about the need to blow up the status quo in Springfield. Locally, he led the charge to freeze the property tax levy and has been a cheerleader of Rauner’s agenda. We’d like to see Skillicorn make his own mark. We’re confident he will. Skillicorn is endorsed.

And Mrs. Schofield:

Schofield has the most government experience — we’re pretty sure she has served on every board and commission in Northern Illinois. What’s disappointing is that she worked against legislation last year that would have allowed for more consolidation of county services, saving taxpayers’ money. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Franks, didn’t get to Rauner’s desk because Schofield and others lobbied against it.

Do you want someone who will speak out about our problems or someone who will work the system?  Allen is outspoken about Mike Madigan and our problems.  The Chicago Tribune is “pretty sure” Carolyn (sic) has served on every board and commission in Northern Illinois (working the system)


When you elected me to be your county board member you knew I was not a career politician.  I have always held myself to the Air Force core values of INTEGRITY FIRST, SERVICE BEFORE SELF, and EXCELLENCE IN ALL WE DO.  I still recite the Air Force Honor Code:

I will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.

I have refused the IMRF.  I have refused the healthcare.  I fought for fiscal responsibility, limited government, and transparency.  I have kept my promises to you.  I also made a promise I wouldn’t sit on the sidelines like many politicians do.  This is what you get with Andrew Gasser as your county board member and this is what you get with Allen Skillicorn.

If we really want to save our state and our county then we need to elect Republicans who lead from the front.

The choice is clear – its Allen Skillicorn for State Representative in the 66th District.


I have not attacked Mrs. Schofield personally.  This is simply her voting record and her stance on issues I feel are important to McHenry County and Illinois.