My Open Letter to McHenry County Illinois

Friends, Neighbors, and Constituents,

I kept my promise to turn down the politician pension plan.

I kept my promise to turn down the politician pension plan.

I am writing you to tell you about the upcoming election this Tuesday, March 15th.  We have enormous decisions to make that will impact us all here locally.  We can dramatically change the direction of our county this Tuesday.  THIS IS A POSITIVE LETTER!

How many of you are sick and tired of the
political correctness that infiltrates our elections?

When you elected me I promised I would not take the politician healthcare plan, the politician pension, and I would term limit myself.  I have kept my promises to you.  I do not say these things to promote myself but because you expect me to tell it to you like it is – FULL TRANSPARENCY.  We need to end the unethical practices of nepotism and patronage.  We have to stop it.

If you do not vote March 15th we will continue with these practices.


We have a chance to elect a new judge in McHenry County and his name is DEMETRI TSLIMINGRAS.  I am voting for Demetri because he is eminently qualified for judge.  We have not had a contested judge’s race in McHenry County in a very long time.  Demetri has the demeanor and the integrity to sit on the bench.  Demetri has both civil and criminal experience as well as private and public sector experience.

I hope we all can agree that we should not elect people because their grandfather was a judge, and then their father was a judge, and now it is “his turn”.  This is what the establishment party bosses are asking us to embrace.  Your “Good Family Name” should not be tantamount to being seated on the bench.  This is the mentality that has permeated McHenry County over the last 60 years.

Demetri will not be beholden to anyone; will follow the Constitution, and the rule of all.  We need him as the next circuit court judge.


Joe Tirio wants to eliminate the recorder’s office.  This is not a gimmick or a trick.  82 out 102 counties in Illinois do not have a recorder’s office.  As recently as 2012 McClean County abolished the office so why can’t we?

Read about eliminating the recorder’s office here:

You may laugh at the name of his website but one of the candidates for this office has already hired in her daughter to work in the office.  Joni Smith in 2015 received a 40 percent increase in pay according to county documents.  Her daughter Chelsi received a 20 percent increase in 2015 according to county documents.  Patronage and nepotism is alive and well in McHenry County.

Joe is a successful small business man who owes nothing to the establishment.  Joe has stated he will not run for re-election.  You can visit his website at


I kept my promise to improve transparency on the McHenry County Board.

I kept my promise to improve transparency on the McHenry County Board.

Yvonne and Tom are the true fiscal conservatives in this race.  If Tom is elected, like me, he will not take the politician healthcare plan.  Yvonne serves on Finance and Audit.  Frankly, we could not have a better, humble, servant leader.  She does a magnificent job for us and she deserves to return to the county board.  Yvonne represented you all when she voted to allow you, the people, to vote on township consolidation.

These are the facts that you all need to know and understand before you vote.

Anna May Miller voted against Township Consolidation – FACT
Anna May Miller voted against a simple transparency amendment – FACT
Anna May  introduced resolutions  to allow eminent domain in in sensitive conservation areas – FACT
Anna May Miller makes $24k a year with benefits from the McHenry County Board – FACT
Her Husband, Robert J. Miller, is the Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner making $108k a year –  FACT
Robert J. Miller hired Anna May Miller as an “Administrative Assistant” now making $96k a year – FACT
Anna May Millers son-in-law, Derek Lee, works at Algonquin Township making $91k a year – FACT
Anna May Miller’s son-in-law, Andrew Rosencrans, works at Algonquin Township making $92k a year – FACT
Anna May Miller is the Chairman of the Transportation Committee on the McHenry County Board – FACT

FACT CHECK:                      

If your family made over $400,000 a year off of the county and township salaries would YOU vote to consolidate your job?  Is this a conflict of interest?  Is it ethical to even vote on issues concerning transportation inside the township and county?

This is simply saying that the nepotism and patronage is alive and well inside the county board and the township.  I feel it needs to stop.

Do you?


As a party leader I truly understand why so many of you are angry, feeling disenfranchised, and sadly believe like your vote doesn’t matter – BUT IT DOES.  While I realize that it is much harder to sway national elections your vote has so much impact locally.

Sheriff Bill Prim won the primary election two years ago by 97 votes!  Over 16,000 ballots cast and Bill won by 97 votes.  In one precinct committeeman race a committeeman won by ONE VOTE!  A single vote.

In closing, simply stating verifiable facts is NOT a personal attack or negative campaigning.  PLEASE GOOGLE and use the links to validate what I have said.

I can say these things because I care about our county and this is the right thing to do.  Many said this was political suicide to point these things out but I do not see it that way.  We need more local elected leaders who will not bow to political correctness and point out the things that need to change.

I will maintain my integrity and I will continue to keep my promises to you.  I am not an eloquent man but what I can say is that it is an honor and a privilege to serve you.  It is very humbling

We are blessed,