Burning the IMRF Pension at the Stake

I kept my promise to turn down the politician pension plan.

I kept my promise to turn down the politician pension plan.

Everyone knows that I oppose pensions for County Board members.

Much has been made recently about the political stunt inferring that McHenry County Board Members are some how cheating the system.  These accusations are nothing more than political mud slinging that occurs during an election year.

During our “newbie county board indoc” class Dr. Michael Rein, Don Kopsel, Michael Smith, and Chuck Wheeler were all given a form to fill out.

I know the County Board member pension forms don’t say ANYTHING about there being any sort of minimum hour requirement.  I know this because I was there and went through the training.  My fellow colleagues signed up because they were TOLD it was okay to sign up.

How do I know that?

IMRF Decline

This is IMRF Form 6.21. The county provided this form to all of us.

For the IMRF, and others, to now try and make a claim and say my fellow board members did something wrong or weren’t eligible is frankly, inaccurate, and a cheap political stunt.  The IMRF provided our forms for the opportunity to accept (or decline) the pension.  Look closely – the provided forms say nothing about hours or documentation.

We have a phrase for THAT kind of… behavior in the military.

So, let people be against pensions for elected officials.  I will agree and I will use my bully pulpit every chance I get.  I’m against them… and I refused the County Board pensions.

But when these same people say the County Board members who accepted the pensions “should have known” they weren’t eligible – that is a COMPLETELY false statement.