Nancy Zettler Flip Flops on Fair Maps Resolution – Deletes Social Media Post

Nancy Zettler is deceiving all of you.  Look at this deleted post from her facebook page:


Sadly, it has been removed and is gone but not before I got a screen grab.  But look at what Ms. Zettler said once Mike Madigan’s judge shot down the ballot initiative:

Zettler 2

You cannot make this stuff up.  You have a bunch of people, lets not even call them democrats or republicans anymore, lets call them members of the political class.  These people simply say whatever they need to say at the time to get elected.  They have NO INTEGRITY.  They have NO MORAL COMPASS.   Maybe everyone should ask Nancy why she:

  1.  Had the change of heart
  2.  Deleted her facebook post

Ms. Nancy – this is not a Republican problem.  This is a Mike Madigan and political class problem.  We had clear, independent leaders, of both parties pushing this ballot initiative through.  It was the political class, and the people who support you and that you support, who killed the Independent Maps initiative.

It is very disturbing when those of us who want to represent us say one thing and do another… and if Zettler had the gall to delete a public post on her public facebook page what else would she be willing to sweep under the rug for Michael Madigan?

Zettler 3