Talking Property Taxes in McHenry County


While some people talk a good game about lowering taxes others walk the walk… I am trying to keep up.  Some good things are happening in Cary and Fox River Grove.  As the Northwest Herald reports Cary and Fox River Grove will have a chance to vote on property taxes this fall.  Some of us on the county board and MANY of us inside the Township Republican Party know our taxes are out of control.  Sadly – many politicians want to give excuses as to why we cannot lower taxes and special interests move in to prop up their bought and paid for politicians.

It sucks.  The only way we can do anything is to get involved LOCALLY.

One thing you can do is think about attending local board meetings – especially school board meetings, library board meetings, park district board meetings and township board meetings.  Just show up and watch everyone look at you like “what the hell are you doing here” only to come up and greet you like you were their best friend.  Again, not politically incorrect – but true.

Another thing you can do is write a letter to the editor about taxes, boards, and issues you care about.  I recently read two such letters to the editor on the McHenry County Board floor.  Some us really are committed to this – others not so much.  The longer I hold this prestigious position in government the more I realize this is not a Republican vs Democrat problem but a political class vs people problem.

Below are my comments to the McHenry County Board and her residents:

Letter to the editor by City of McHenry resident Michael Bergen: Out of Control Spending

Letter to the editor by Village of Cary resident Daniel Smereczynski: Should Be Criminal

When you elected me I promised I would not take the politician healthcare plan, the politician pension, and I would term limit myself.  I have kept my promises to you.  I do not say these things to promote myself but because you expect me to tell it to you like it is – FULL TRANSPARENCY.   Our property taxes are frigging ridiculous and we need to act.