The Roads of Algonquin Township

I am optimistic!  I think we can improve on transparency at all levels of government.

A couple of years ago Algonquin Township Trustee Larry Emery asked for a list of roads that the township was responsible for.  The list has never been online or otherwise been made available.  Attached is an PDF that marries up to the map published last week.  Included in this PDF spreadsheet are roads that fall inside the township boundaries as well as well as municipalities.  Dedicated and Non-Dedicated Subdivision Roads are included.  Also segment length is included.












So where did the data come from?

The data comes from a GIS system.  GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems.  GIS systems are designed to capture, store manipulate, analyze, manage, integrate, and present graphically referenced data with the merging of cartography, stitiistical analysis, and database technologies.  There are many useful applications from space based monitoring of our environment to the mapping of roads in Algonquin Township.  Over the past few months our team has been blessed to meet some amazing people who know how to put together these maps and tools to allow us, the people of Algonquin Township, the ability to accurately see where our township roads are and where we can begin to search out efficiencies.

We at the campaign plan to improve on our GIS capabilities to show you some really amazing tools that we can use to help with things such as snowplowing and road work.  We are looking good Algonquin Township!