Property Taxes ARE The Number One Issue in McHenry County

I kept my promise to turn down the politician pension plan.

I kept my promise to turn down the politician pension plan.

Today was a wonderful day and it has filled me with optimism.  Today your new McHenry County Board was seated and we began to do the important work.  With 100 percent transparency almost everyone who spoke from Chairman Jack Franks to county board members made it a point to speak to our obscene property taxes.

Above are my comments to the county.  When you elected me I made a promise to give you the 100 percent, no BS, truth on our situation.  And while the tide is turning and we are starting to elect people who understand this – sadly some have still not got the memo.  Some have still not somehow got the message that our citizens are being taxed out of their homes.

I hear you McHenry County.  As long as I sit in the seat you all put me in I will make sure they hear you.  I will never let you down and I will keep my word.

I am asking for your help

Please start calling county board members and other elected officials and tell them enough is enough.  You need to tell them that we simply cannot afford the tax and abate schemes that are so prevalent in Illinois.