Emails Asking Me To Change My Electoral College Vote

The People's Democratic Republic of Illinois Surrounded by the United States of America.

The People’s Democratic Republic of Illinois Surrounded by the United States of America.

Lately I have been contacted several times, via email, to change my vote from Donald J. Trump to Hillary Clinton.

Hell No.

Now people should know (because I am getting website hits from all around the United States) that I live in the People’s Democratic Republic of Illinois.  Our “state” is surrounded by the United States of America.  It isn’t even arguable that the City of Chicago is the most corrupt City in America.  Therefore, I cannot vote next week for Trump as the 20 Democrat electoral college voters will vote and not the Republicans.

What really ticks me off are all of these holier than thou electoral college voters who say they will not vote for Trump because they think Russia is involved or they need an intelligence brief.  Give me a break – what the hell is wrong with you Chris Suprun?  You have absolutely no idea how good you have it in Texas.  Do you even have a security clearance (my TS/SCI is expired) to receive such intel?

Besides the weather, you have no idea just how bad we conservatives in Illinois have it.  You wouldn’t understand.  McHenry County pays the 29th highest property taxes in the UNITED STATES!  Last year Illinois lost 200,000 people to other states because Michael Madigan and the Democrats have augured this state straight into the ground.  I mean, he has been in office longer than I have been alive, and I am 44.

So many of us in McHenry County Illinois worked so hard to get Donald J. Trump elected and I am PROUD of the fact that McHenry County is the only “collar county” that went for Trump.  And here you want talk about how angry you are and how upset you are?  Come on up to Illinois and let me drive you around Cook County so you can really get torqued off.  Frankly, it is shameful to me personally to see our own party refuse to support the President-Elect.

A Mind-Numbed Email From A Snowflake

I am quoting this verbatim:

Dear Mr.AndrewGasser,
given the current discussion about a possible Russian interference in distributing biased information to voters prior to the 2016 presidential election, do you believe that voting proceedings of the electoral college should go on as scheduled?
I would be grateful even for a Yes/No answer, but would also highly appreciate a brief statement if possible.
All answers will be used for academic research purposes only and will be treated with absolute confidentiality.
Thank you for your cooperation and for helping me with my research project.
Yours sincerely,
DeShawn Jackson

And this is how I responded:

republicDear Mr. Jackson,

Thank you for reaching out to me as it is an honor to speak about this important issue.

I am an electoral college voter in Illinois in the Republican Party. So you should know – first of all – that I will not be voting as Hillary Clinton won Illinois thanks to Cook County.

However, if I could vote I would vote for Donald J. Trump. Moreover, I think it is absolutely insane for people to switch sides (regardless of party) unless there are “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

This is the United States of America and we do not throw away our elections or our form of government because of something that might be “possible”… unless you want to talk about the voter fraud in Detroit where Jill Stein’s recount found out more people voted for Hillary Clinton than actually live there:

History is important. Russia has tried to interfere in elections before and in fact DEMOCRATS invited Russia to do it:

Moreover, look how the Obama Regime tried to interfere with the elections in Israel.  Look how the Obama Regime interfered with Brexit.

There is absolutely no way on God’s green earth that we should get rid of the electoral college. Sit down and think about it. If you go by just “the popular vote” you would only need to campaign in California, Texas, and New York.

Why on earth would you ever go to North Dakota, Oklahoma, or South Carolina? You should really take five minutes to watch this:

Finally – please remember that the United States of America is NOT a Democracy but a Representative Republic… if we can keep it.

I feel this answers your questions but you can always call me or email me for clarification.

Have a blessed day DeShawn,
Andrew Gasser
McHenry County Board, District 1
Republican Electoral College Voter for the People’s Democratic Republic of Illinois