Campaign Promises to the People of Algonquin Township – Promise 2

I am so optimistic about our future in Algonquin Township!  When you elected me and bestowed the enormous honor to serve you as your county board member I made several promises to you – which I kept.  I am making another one of those promises now.  I will term limit myself to no more than TWO TERMS as the Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner.

We all know the problem in Illinois are these politicians who are elected for life.  We have over $109 Billion in pension liability and over 100,000 people left Illinois in 2016 because the taxes are so insane.  To give you all some perspective Michael Madigan assumed office in January, 1971, I was born in June, 1972, and my opponent started working in the Algonquin Township Road District in October, 1972.  My opponent has been the commissioner since 1993.

We need term limits and I will term limit myself.