Algonquin Township Highway District Facing Lawsuit for Improper Taxation

We all know our property taxes are outrageous here in McHenry County.  Some of us have been saying this for a very long time.  And all the while our elected politicians give us the same excuse:

If we do not take the increase we lose it forever.

However, I do not subscribe to this line of thinking.  I am so sick and tired of elected officials using this this line as an excuse to raise our taxes.  Listen:

The Township Road District now has over $5,500,000 “in reserves” – what is in your wallet?

This includes my opponent who has been taxing us since 1993.  We all have been told that experience counts in this upcoming election and I certainly agree.  This includes properly administering the highway department as well as following the taxation laws inflicted upon us by Springfield.  Sadly, this is not happening inside Algonquin Township and in fact they are facing a lawsuit for over taxing the property owners and those of us who rent.

We renters pay property taxes too.

Below are the four links outlining the property tax lawsuit filed against Algonquin Township and the Algonquin Township Road District.

This is a problem that I feel I am eminently qualified to solve.  Moreover, I have the character to do so.  To me it is unconscionable to levy when we have such enormous reserves.  The lawsuit is quite clear that under the direction of the highway commissioner the highway district has built up onscene reserves.  Look:

The District levied $10,170 for its Audit Fund, but had reserves of $81,042 in that Fund.

The District levied $35,545 for its Liability Insurance Fund, but had (reserves) of $162,891 in that Fund.

The District levied $71,068 for its Social Security Fund, but had (reserves) of $178,467 in that Fund.

The District levied $126,890 for its Retirement Fund, but had (reserves) of $232,279 in that Fund.

All of the aforesaid levies are illegal in that the District had more than twice the annual, three-year expenditures on hand when it adopted additional, unnecessary levies.

Additionally, the Road District has numerous line items where the levy amount exceeds the appropriation, and as such, are invalid as a matter of law.

With respect to the Road District, the Road and Bridge Fund, coupled with the Equipment and Building Fund, the Road District had reserves in excess of $5,500,000.

Friends and neighbors I will fix this.  I will descend upon this problem with a combat discipline focus and I will correct the errors.  I have been told that experience counts and there is no one with more experience than me when it comes to standing up against the political class that defends these high taxes every chance they get.

All of you who know me know that I am not afraid to stand up when I am in the minority.  I do not waiver under pressure and I have a proven track record to standing up against the tax and spenders.  I ask all of you to check out my YouTube channel and look in the Northwest Herald to see my position on property taxes.

  • jim

    The allegations against Algonquin Township Road District in the Wolf tax objection lawsuit, and Andrew Gasser’s blog, claiming the Road District unnecessarily and unlawfully accumulated funds are wrong. The tax objection lawsuit, up to this point, has been dismissed by the court 3 times due to factual inaccuracies in the lawsuit. The Tax Objectors have now filed their 4th Amended Complaint. The tax objectors 4th Amended lawsuit will also be dismissed as the incorrect information in the lawsuit has not been corrected.

    The Road District has not accumulated 3.5 million dollars as alleged. The Road District in fact has an accumulation of 30% of its annual budget. This accumulation is allocated to pay for a $ 2,000,000 road improvement project slated to begin in 2019. The accumulation of funds for road improvement projects is specifically provided for and allowed by Illinois law. In this case the accumulated funds are only sufficient to pay for a fraction of the cost of the road improvement project.

    Further, the tax objector’s grossly inaccurate claims of unnecessary accumulation of funds is based upon the tax objectors wrongfully included the value of assets such as snowplows, restricted funds for other accounts, and funds comingled from other taxing districts in their calculations. The improper inclusion of these funds wrongfully inflates the amount accumulated funds quite simply the alleged accumulations are fictions. The Road District cannot use the value of a snowplow to buy salt, cannot use funds of another taxing body, in this case the township, to pay for the road districts operating expenses. The tax objectors have also improperly comingled funds from the Township and Road District to create the impression of the Road District having funds in excess of the funds actually on hand. This is no different than commingling the funds of the Road District and a School District, there is just no relationship between the two taxing bodies. The tax objectors meritless claims will be dealt with by the court, and their lawsuit will be ultimately dismissed.