Algonquin Township: The Most Expensive Road District in McHenry County Part 2

Yesterday I compared the Algonquin Township Road District road mile cost to the county average.  Many of you messaged me asking me for more data on this.  I am here to provide that to you now.  Again, I am asking you to trust me but verify what I am saying.

First lets look at road miles.  As we can see Algonquin Township ranks third in terms of number of miles of roads with 67.44 miles of road.   Nunda Township has 94.24 miles of township roads and McHenry Township has the most township road miles with 109.06.

Now lets look at cost per road mile.  Algonquin Township ranks as the most expensive township at a staggering $21,541.57 per road mile.  Dorr Township ranks second at $16,232.01 and Nunda Township comes in third at $15,2016.12.  Strangely, the township with the most road miles, McHenry Township, comes in fourth at $12,792.57.

Algonquin Township has the third highest number of road miles but is, by far, has the most expensive road district.  The Algonquin Township Road District pays $5,309.56 more per road mile than the next highest township, Dorr Township.  What is the reason for this enormous disparity?


Here is a link to the PDF of my data and below is an image.  I believe in full transparency I know people are believing me and what I am saying; however, they also want to verify me.  This is the level of clarity you can come to expect from me.