Updating Bob Miller’s Post

I am optimistic!  My campaign for Algonquin Highway Commissioner is now shining sunshine on the numbers.  My opponent decided to post a picture on facebook showing how small the tax rate is.  However, it doesn’t tell the entire story.  First, lets look at Bob’s picture.

Not included in this chart is other factors such as miles of road and dollars levied.  It is very misleading in my opinion and if you look at the bottom the scale is .6 and not .5 – it plays tricks with the eyes and the numbers, while they are accurate, cause the brain to work a little harder.  Finally I would say this picture was taken with a cell phone and edited to show the pink.  Lets take this to the level of transparency I hope to bring to all of us who live in Algonquin Township.


Click to enlarge.

This chart brings it all home.

In Algonquin’s case we have 67.44 miles of road which we collect $4,048,991 at a tax rate of 0.186219.  The nepotism cost to this is $398,500 or 9.84 percent.  Think about that, almost 10 percent of the budget going to one familiy who is ridiculously overpaid.

Now lets compare Algonquin to Coral Township.   In Coral’s case we have 59.96 miles of road of which we collect $295,619 at a tax rate of .262205.  The nepotism in Algonquin Township pulls down more resources that the township.  In fact, The Millers make more in salary and benefits than the entire road districts of Burton, Coral, Seneca, Riley, Heartland, Alden, Hebron, and Denham Townships!

When you utilize Microsoft office, specifically Excel, you can make beautiful charts that really pop and stand out.  No need to take pictures with cell phones.  When you look at it – maybe the job isn’t being done as efficiently as it should.  And actually, I should redo this chart with Bob’s actual pass through monies removed.  Bob doesn’t have control over those dollars anyway.

You may download my pdf spreadsheet here.

  • Robin Mohr

    More nonsense Andrew? Comparing a urban twh to a country Twh is not apples to apples. Your Nepotism costs as BS, unless you cut staff someone will still be getting paid to do the job. Nunda and McHenry has two in the office, total comp is way higher friend. Also you seem to not know pay around this areas, look and see:
    http://www.openthebooks.com/search/?PensionCode=1804… Comparing wages to Cary you will find wages at Alg are not extreme as you would like us all to believe, even the son-in-laws get paid slightly less than Cary Public Works employees do.

    • Jeffrey R

      Does THAT really matter? The point here is CORRUPTION, and, the more which is exposed, the better. Corruption is apples to apples REGARDLESS of the political status of an agency.

  • Jim Tomasello

    Andrew…. I thought you were a decent guy but the more and more I read your posts. I don’t think so. No one likes a person that plays dirt and just wants to belittle other people.

    • Jeffrey R

      I appreciate a politician who exposes corruption, so, thank-you Mr. Gasser. We need more of your kind.