Misuse of Equipment and Property in Algonquin Township

We pay the 29th highest property taxes in the United States of America.  While we have very little control over Springfield and Washington DC we can control our local community.  Ask yourselves, is this the best we can do?  Is this spending the taxpayer’s money in the most efficient manner?

This video is what happens when you have such institutionalized power which goes unchecked. Watch this video:

This 8:24 second video should disturb all of us. How is it that township employees and their friends can discharge firearms on Algonquin Township property? The area in question is right behind “The Hollows” McHenry County Conservation District.  Is this appropriate use of Algonquin Township Highway funds?

“What the hell is he doing – he’s getting the loader. HE IS GETTING THE LOADER!”

“The Highway Department at work!  You stall on the side of the road watch out.  Haha.”

“Dude… Hey… hang on hang on!!! When no one is looking let’s throw it on 14!”

This is all under Robert J. Miller’s watch.

I will restore Integrity, Reform, and Transparency in the Algonquin Township Road District

If you elect me I will put an end to this behavior immediately.  I call on Robert J. Miller to identify the men in this video and immediately terminate them for unprofessional conduct and misuse of Algonquin Township property.

As a retired US Air Force Officer with experience in small arms fire I can tell you that the men discharging rounds into this vehicle did so in a very unsafe manner.  The ricochets could have injured themselves or flown into the conservation district behind this “range”.  Walking up to the vehicle and firing at close range is clearly unsafe.

My corrective actions will be as follows:

  1. Immediately ban all small arms and long rifles from being discharged on Algonquin Township government property.
  2. Institute new internal controls and measures to track hours on all equipment.
  3. Direct all staff that under no circumstances will Algonquin Township property be used for personal or recreational reasons.
  4. Institute a new “personal conduct” policy.
  5. Ask State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally and Sheriff Bill Prim to investigate this video to see if any crimes were committed.

For the first time in 24 years you, the voters of Algonquin Township, have a choice this election day.  You can vote for me or vote for the political status quo.  There are more than enough qualified people who would love to work for the taxpayers of Algonquin Township who will respect the taxpayer’s money.  We can end the nepotism.  We can end the unprofessional conduct that takes place.

My ask from all of you

I am asking you all to share this story on Facebook.  I am asking you all to email this to everyone in Algonquin Township you know.  I am asking you all to share this via instagram.

Finally, I am asking you to vote for the reformers below who will END THIS MESS.