Property Tax Relief Front and Center Tomorrow Morning

Friends and Neighbors,

When you elected me to be your McHenry County Board Member I promised I would do something about property taxes.  Tomorrow we start the process of this as it will be introduced to the county board under new discussion.  This will then move to the Finance and Audit Committee which will debate and discuss this on April 6th.

I hope you all can listen in or attend our meeting tomorrow.  We have a great going in game plan that specifically calls for the reduction of the COUNTY PORTION of our tax bill.  This is all the county board can control.  We must be vigilant on who we elect to our other municipal bodies.  As we know we have many contested elections for school boards, village boards, and other races throughout McHenry County.

You can read an older resolution here.  It is public information that has been FOIA’d at least twice.

Tomorrow we will release the resolution for the public and invite comment.  I will keep my promises to all of you.