5 Percent Tax Cut Proposed

When you elected me to by your Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner I made several promises with you.  To date I have kept them all and today is no exception.  Our property taxes are outrageous and I am cutting the levies I have control over.

This morning I forwarded on to the Algonquin Township Supervisor, Clerk, and Trustees a very fiscally responsible property tax cut of five (5) percent for 2017 to be collected in 2018 for the Algonquin Township Highway Department.

This a reduction of $196,391.48.

The tax levy will be voted on November 8th, 2017 at 7PM at the Algonquin Township monthly meeting.  Please click here to open up the draft tax reduction ordinance in PDF format.

With over $2.6 million in cash reserves we have the money to offer this reasonable request.  We are also releasing our levy in a searchable PDF format which is new.

I am quite certain that we can continue our fiscally responsible policies and lower levies in future years while maintaining the high level of service we enjoy.

My Challenge to Every Taxing Body in McHenry County

Obviously not every taxing body can cut five (5) percent in one year – but you can cut one (1) percent and not take the rate of inflation increase.  I challenge every taxing body to just cut one percent from their levy.  I realize not everyone can match me and there will be some over achievers but if every body just cut taxes by one (1) percent the impact on our residents would be enormous.

It is not difficult.  You just do it.  Cut your levies.  Save the endangered species that is the Illinois property owner.  They are leaving in droves.  They do not want excuses – they want results.  So give them results and cut your levies.

One More Thing…

As many of you are aware there is a concerted effort by a small, vocal minority to, execute summary judgement against some of my decisions in the court of public opinion instead of a court of law.  I look forward to explaining all of this in the coming months once the facts are out there and the courts are finished.  In the meantime, we cut taxes.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you all.  This journey is so enlightening and I have, for the most part, loved every minute of it.  We will get better.

I keep my promises.

Be Blessed,