Rebecca Miller Lee’s Name on Algonquin Township Highway Department Phone Bill

When you elected me to be your Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner I promised you I wouldn’t take the healthcare plan, pension plan, and improve transparency.  We have now put our bills online which you can view here.  Never in a billion years did I think we would find an eighth of the stuff that we did – but we have – and you cannot make this stuff up.

Unethical Spending at the Algonquin Township Highway Department?

Rebecca Lee
Image courtesy of McHenry County Blog

Documents show Rebecca Miller Lee had a Verizon cell phone data plan provided to her through the Algonquin Township Highway Department.  Lee is the daughter of former Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Robert J. Miller, who is under a grand jury investigation, and also the wife of an former employee.  There are no records that show Rebecca Miller Lee ever being an employee from October 2016 through May 2017.  In fact, Rebecca Miller Lee is a partner at the prestigious law firm Wand Lee Wambacher LLC.  

This begs one simple question:


What was that data used for?  As the duly elected Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner I will be contacting Verizon to see what that data was used for.  The people have a right to know if their tax dollars were funding a telecommunications data plan for a private use.

Here are links to the Verizon bills in PDF format for your inspection.

October 2016
November 2016
December 2016
January 2017
February 2017
March 2017
April 2017
May 2017

This is unethical at best.  Through inspection you will notice that as soon as the election was held this practice stopped.  Was it stopped because her father lost his election or was it because they knew this was a bad idea but never gave the election the respect it truly deserved?  This is exactly the kind of thing we find weekly at the Algonquin Township Highway Department.  For those of you who cannot open PDFs I am uploading PNGs of the October bill for your inspection at the bottom of this bill.

Full Disclosure

I didn’t find this one directly.  It was pointed out to me by someone.  Frankly, this is why you elected me.  You knew I wouldn’t bow to the political pressure.  You knew I would put it all out there without fear.  You knew I would shine the light of truth and those who committed unethical behavior are scattering like cockroaches.

I am nothing special – I am just a guy.

One More Thing

In 2015 the Northwest Herald called Rebecca Miller Lee the best under 40… and while the Northwest Herald reported yesterday that the Village of Fox River Grove may cut taxes on December 7th the local paper still cannot find time to write about the Algonquin Township Highway Department cutting its levy by five percent.  The yellow journalism exhibited by the Northwest Herald is really starting to show.  Where was the Northwest Herald all these years when all of this stuff was happening?

By refusing to cover the story in its entirety the Northwest Herald isn’t Missing In Action (MIA) – by refusing to cover the story in its entirety they are committing Dereliction of Duty.

It is there for everyone to see – yellow journalism is just as bad now as it was in the early 1900s.  Scrutinize me and my bills all you want.  I put them online so you do not have to FOIA them.  However, it isn’t my bills that have the women’s purses or women’s clothing on the credit card… that would be Bob Miller you lazy “journalists”.