McHenry High School Drum Line – Awesome

il-ilmchenrycommhighschool-letter-150Every year I march in the Fiesta Days Parade in McHenry – this year I was with Bill Prim who is running to be your next sheriff.  However, my favorite part of the parade is when the McHenry County Drum Line fires up before we actually step.

Last year, when I saw the drum line for the first time, I was just blown away.  In fact I was so moved I wrote about it and joined the McHenry High School Music Facebook Page.

Often in society we over use the word epic – not so much in this case.  So I will just say this performance is dripping with awesome sauce.  I will have more from the parade later but please – watch these kids do their thing.  I truly cannot say how much I enjoy this.

I am already looking forward to next year… Now its a tradition!

McHenry County Taxpayers Left Holding the Family Services $1.4 Million Dollar Loan?

mc-mental-healthDocuments uncovered in the Family Services bankruptcy reveal that the McHenry County Taxpayer could be left holding the $1.4 million dollar bag.  Development Specialists, Inc. is the company that is handling the Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors (ABC) for the now defunct Family Services.

If you click on the professionals tab at the top of the page and then select John C. Wheeler you will see that he has been labeled the assignee for Family Service and Community Mental Health Center of McHenry County.

John C. Wheeler

Click the picture to be directed to the DSI website.

The documents pertaining to Family Service and the bankruptcy agreement are not located on the same website.  To obtain these documents click on DSI Companion Websites tab and then DSI Assignments for the Benefit of the Creditors link.  On the left hand side click the Family Service link.

Family Service ABC

Click on the picture to be directed to the DSI ABC website.

If I have done my job I will have successfully navigated you to the Family Service ABC page.  It looks like the following (minus the red arrows).

Family Service ABC Home Page

Click on the picture to be directed to the Family Service ABC homepage.

There are three items you can download.  I have personally downloaded all three documents and have hosted them on my website as well for preserving the historical record.  These documents are:

The Affidavit of Claim

The Affidavit of Claim is just a statement that tells the court how much is owed to the person making the claim.  It is not a complicated or difficult form to fill out.

The Notice of Assignment

This document requires more scrutiny and analysis.  There is a lot here in the BACKGROUND portion.  What we know from this portion of the document is that:

In 2009 Family Services had operating revenues of $7.601 million.
In 2010 Family Services had operating revenues of $7.033 million.
In 2011 Family Services had operating revenues of $6.588 million.

There is a clear downward trend of the operating revenues at Family Services.


Also attached to the affidavit was a “Schedule of Assets & Liabilities” which is provided below:

Schedule of Assets and Liabilities

None of the numbers above have been audited.  None.


Did the Family Services executive director inform the Mental Health Board and its staff of the serious nature of its financial difficulties?

When did Family Services notify the Mental Health Board and its staff of the request by for an additional pay down of its liabilities?

In 2011, what were the nature of the “problems with payments and continued funding from the state of Illinois”?  

What were Family Services’ “best efforts” to reduce its expenses while providing services?

Was the Mental Health Board aware of the financial distress of Family Services when the vote was taken to provide a taxpayer loan?

What terms and conditions were established by the Mental Health Board attorney prior to board approval of a $1.4 million dollar loan (in two payments of roughly $700,000) to Family Services?

Governor Quinn Steals McSweeney’s Idea – McSweeney Role Model for McHenry County Sheriff’s Race

PRRv2The Northwest Herald is reporting that Governor Quinn stole David McSweeney’s (R-Barrington) idea to halt lawmaker salaries until the $100 million dollar pension problem has a workable solution.  Moreover, the paper says that it was the right decision.  Read it for yourself.

When McSweeney was running against Dee Beaubian (I D – Barrington) for state representative there was never a doubt in my mind who would win – David McSweeney.  However, there were a few Republicans who told me directly, privately, that Dave was just “too conservative” for the district, I disagreed… and we all know how that turned out.

We all need to take a moment and realize what McSweeney is doing.  What makes McSweeney so special?  Why does McSweeney run circles, laps, marathons, around other Republicans?  The answer is really quite simple:

State Representative David McSweeney

State Representative David McSweeney

No one elected in the state of Illinois is articulating conservatism like David McSweeney.

Dave believes in conservative principles that made, keyword made, the Republican party great.  He is not a “moderate” or a “progressive conservative”.   He can explain conservative principles in a way that makes the majority, THE MAJORITY, agree with him.  Dare I say Reaganesque?

When you can articulate conservatism really well you end up with Republicans, traditional Democrats, independents, and even some moderates all agreeing with you.  Its just common sense.  Its not easy in fact it is incredibly difficult – its why there are so many democrats – its just easier.

Dave called for the suspension of lawmaker’s pay long before Quinn ever decided to do it (or build up the courage to do so)… and that is called leadership.  Dave is leading when no one else is.  Let us all hope it doesn’t go unnoticed.

We are in a very dark time in Illinois.  We know there is corruption in Illinois and corruption here in McHenry County.  If you want to stand and fight we have a champion who will stand and fight for liberty, freedom, and common sense… his name is David McSweeney.  If you want to keep the status quo, the unscrupulous policies that make headlines when they are finally uncovered, and or are enjoying the benefits of crony capitalism that has infected this state and county – you know who to support in the sheriff’s race.


Governor Quinn – HuffPo

And before you come off half-cocked about mixing apples and fingers holding up roofs hear me out.  It takes courage to lead.  It is incredibly difficult to be out there all alone taking the spears from the Democrats and some “Republicans”.  It takes integrity to do what is right!  McSweeney is doing just that – leading and doing what is right.

Quinn would have never taken the action he did without David McSweeney.  Heck – lets have some intellectual honesty here:

Could Quinn even come up with this idea by himself?


Candidate for Sheriff Bill Prim speaks with a constituent.

The same can be said about the local sheriff’s race.  Its hard to be out there alone calling out people.  It is downright frightening going up against people who have enormous power… too much power.  So should we just “sit down and shut up” or should we say what is right?

If McSweeney can stand up to the powers that be in Springfield surely I can do the same here in McHenry County.

That is why I, Andrew Gasser, will walk for David McSweeney and that is why I will walk for Bill Prim.  Feel free to join me.


Wonderful Parade Weather

Compared to last year – the weather for parades has been absolutely wonderful.  I had the chance to participate in two parades this year.  The Barrington Parade was an absolute blast.  In the Barrington Parade I had the distinct privilege of walking with State Representative David McSweeney.

Article 3 - Larry Emery

Team McSweeney in the Barrington Parade.
Credit: Larry Emery

Dave is doing a magnificent job for us downstate tackling the tough issues a lot of people would rather not talk about.  Issues like pension reform, spending, and taxation.  Coming back home so many people think that this is just how it is… but I assure you as someone who grew up in Illinois, joined the military and traveled around the United States, and then returned home, taxation in Illinois is NOT NORMAL.

Article 1

Local activist Chris Yaeger, Algonquin Township Trustee Larry Emery, and Republican Precinct Committeeman Andrew Gasser.

Article 2

I finally got to meet Nick Sauer. What an awesome leader. He is doing the tough business in Lake County and providing invaluable leadership.


Margaret Thatcher Sauer

Annual Right to Life Pig Roast

Every year Mrs. Irene Napier (Crystal Lake) opens her home to those who believe that life is a divine gift.  The divine gift that is life.


Bill Prim and Irene Napier.

Many people were there and it was a really good time.  From my vantage point there were more people here this year than last.  You can read about the event over at Cal Skinner’s McHenry County Blog – but I wanted to add some of my own photos:


The event was catered by Billy’s BBQ of Spring Grove. The pig was delicious.

The pig was absolutely delicious.  The event was catered by the fine folks at Billy’s BBQ in Spring Grove.  Yes I am shamelessly plugging this fantastic local eatery and yes it is that good.

There were many local folks there as well as public figures.  All for Republican candidates for governor were there.

    • State Senator Bill Brady
    • State Senator Kirk Dillard
    • State Treasurer Dan Rutherford
    • Businessman Bruce Rauner

Also in attendance was Bill Prim who is running to be your next sheriff in McHenry County.  You can visit his website at and he also has a Facebook page that I recommend you all take a look at as well.


Candidate for McHenry County Sheriff and myself.

On a personal note, it was so incredibly humbling to be recognized by Illinois State Representative David McSweeney.  Dave is doing just an amazing job representing us all here in the 52nd State Representative District.  For him to take 30 seconds and speak about me personally, point me out in the crowd, and watch everyone look at me was like nothing I have experienced before.  It was just amazing and completely unexpected.

David McSweeney and Bruce Rauner conversed. In the background, barely recognizable without his cowboy hat, is Andrew Gasser. – Courtesy of McHenry County Blog.

In this final photo Algonquin Township Trustee Melissa Sanchez is seen with Bill Prim and Ms. Patti Wuich.


Algonquin Township Trustee Melissa Sanchez poses for a photo with Bill Prim and Patti Wuich.



In Her Own Words – Donna Kurtz

mc-mental-healthThere has been a lot of information floating around about the McHenry County Mental Health Board (MHB) and some of it critics.  Often times, they get painted in a light that is less than favorable.  Criticism is is part of the job description as a member of the county board… it just comes with the territory.

Above is Donna Kurtz’s (Crystal Lake) comments before the McHenry County Board from last week. They are unedited and cannot be taken out of context. I challenge everyone to listen to the comments of everyone who has come before the county board and make your own determination on who is really fighting for those who want good government and those who wants to maintain the status quo.

I think it is self evident.